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Sacred Movement is a movement modality that utilizes many different techniques, including:



Active Release Technique




Tui Na



Some benefits from practicing Sacred Movement include:

-Alleviating aches, tensions, discomforts and pains

-Deeper more restful sleep

-Rejuvenate your body and Mind

-Replacing old patterns with beneficial new ones

-Strengthen and lengthen your Muscles.

-Greater understanding of breath

-Improved coordination 

-Greater sense of balance 

The fluid motions of Sacred Movement have helped numerous individuals, including professional athletes, acrobats, and dancers. Sacred Movement has often been compared to swimming or dancing, however, this exercise lengthens and strengthens the muscular system. The muscles in turn support a new found space in the vertebral column as well as in the joints. Sacred Movement will challenge the brain with exercises of coordination and provide an opportunity for the brain to enter a meditative state and generate new more beneficial programs. 

Experience exercising your body at a molecular level.


Your DNA is a molecule that carries your genetic instructions used in your growth, development, functioning and reproduction.  


Spirals and Circles are found all throughout your body, nature, and all living organisms. This is what is commonly referred to as Sacred Geometry.

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