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Tavi Stutz

Tavi views injury as an opportunity to learn and as a result, he has a vast amount of knowledge. He believes the body physically stores its life history and if it is to be let go, it has to be physically removed.  It is common to talk about problems, but what he has found is that most often people will talk themselves in circles. "if you want to move past an issue, be it mental or physical, it requires movement." Conventional therapy can bring consciousness to an issue, often referred to as a breakthrough. He calls it a cut in that repetitious circle. 

When working with Tavi, he will take that broken circle and stretch it out into a spiral, thus removing that issue from the memory of your body. 

It is common to leave a session feeling taller, stronger, and more connected to your breath and body.  Your coordination may be challenged, but it will leave you with greater flexibility, mobility, and balance. 

Tavi has taught Sacred Movement, yoga, and gyrotonic/gyrokinesis all around the globe.  He has worked all throughout Europe, (Spain, France, England, Germany, Russia) Canada, Central America, The Philippines, and The Americas with such acclaimed companies as the Bolshoi Ballet, Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Berserk, the Siti Company, and Circus Vargas to name a few. His career started as a gymnast, then actor, then dancer, then writer, choreographer, And director but always a story-teller. His passion lies in expanding his own as well as others' knowledge of the human form and all its wonders.

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