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Gyrotonic Expansion System

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a holistic approach to movement that is designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities. Julius Horvath, the creator of the system, was inspired by movement principles from dance, yoga, gymnastics, swimming and even tai-chi.  Some of the benefits of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercises include increased strength and flexibility, renewed energy and vitality and an overall general sense of calm and well being. Synchronizing breathing with movement will enhance aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation and promote neuromuscular rejuvenation, while simultaneously stimulating and strengthening connective tissues in and around the joints.

The GYROTONIC® equipment offers a complete range of motion. It is fully adjustable to meet the needs of every body type and level of strength. The resistance in the handle unit and pulley tower completely smooths out any jarring that is found in conventional exercise equipment. Unique to a GYROTONIC® workout is the circularity, spiraling and undulating movements which increase the functional capacity of the spine and create a spherical and three-dimensional awareness, resulting in total equilibrium. GYROTONIC® is ideal for pregnant moms, seniors and clients rehabilitating from surgery or injuries.

A typical GYROKINESIS® session begins by "awakening the senses," a specific series that stimulates the senses through self-massage.  GYROKINESIS® is a workout that takes the body through the complete range of spinal movements including forward, backward, left, right, twists, circles and figure eights. This movement gently works the joints and muscles while stimulating the internal organs through a rhythmic breath and undulating exercises.  Eventually the entire muscular body has been stimulated, stretched, extended, contracted and wrung out leaving it capable of better supporting the skeletal body.  The only equipment necessities are a stool and mat.  The movements can be as gentle or challenging as the individual chooses.  With conscienceness and awareness on the breath, the nervous system is stimulated, the energy pathways open, and the blood becomes oxygenated. 

Those who practice this system tend to be more relaxed in their daily lives and can move with increased flexibility, balance and ease.

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